EMZA250ADA470MF61G leakage current

Looking for the leakage current for EMZA250ADA470MF61G

Trying to see if it is a cross to UCD1E470MCL1GS which has 11.8uA of leakage current at 2S.

The leakage current specifications on the parts’ respective datasheets do appear to be similar.

Agreed, the current device specifies the leakage at 11.75uA after 2 min. This is not as tightly spec’d in the alternate part. Just want to make sure (although it is not critical in the design)

0.01CV works out to the 11.75uA figure; the specification would appear identical for both, despite the datasheet for one not showing tabulated values.

It’s not a critical parameter in most instances where the use of such devices is appropriate, and the spec likely represents an industry norm for tolerable leakage levels more so than actual device performance.