Engineer PA-21 Universal Crimping Tool (18-26 AWG)


Many contacts (terminals) for narrow pitch (1.6-2.5mm) JST, Molex, Amp, JAE, and Hirose (HRS) housings require specialty crimping tools. Take, for example, the JST part number SZE-002T-P0.3 where the manufacturer suggests the hand crimping tool YRS-1460 at a cost of over $1,000 USD. This production grade tool’s price tag often puts these great connectors out of reach for a prototyping engineer, hobbyist or maker.

One solution to this issue is to look in the Jumper Wires, Pre-Crimped Leads family, which has wide selection of single and double ended pre-crimped wires. Jumpers in this family have been crimped with manufacturer recommended tooling ensuring high quality crimps.
Another option is to use the Engineer PA-21 crimper supplied by Adafruit(349). The Engineer PA-21 is a universal crimp tool that is compatible with a wide variety crimp 18-26 AWG contacts used in narrow-pitch connectors (manufacturer’s compatibility chart). For contacts using 20-32 AWG wires see the PA-09 tool.

Though not as industrial as the manufacturer suggested tool, this crimp tool does an excellent job, and at less than $100 USD is perfect for any maker, hobbyist, or prototyping project that uses the contacts listed below. Please note that the manufacturer of this tool does state it will work with all of the following contacts, however the crimp may differ from the manufacturer specified crimp tool and would not be guaranteed to meet any manufacturer crimp specifications.

JST Contacts

SZE-002T-P0.3, SWPR-001T-P025, SPHD-001T-P0.5
SPHD-002T-P0.5, SPA-001T-P0.5, SPAL-001T-P0.5
SPAL-002T-P0.5, SPH-001T-P0.5L, SPH-002T-P0.5L
SPND-001T-C0.5, SPND-002T-C0.5, SPUD-001T-P0.5
SAN-002T-0.8A, SAN-002T-0.8K, SEH-001T-P0.6
SEH-001T-P0.6L, SJ2F-002GF-P1.0, SJ2F-01GF-P1.0
SJ2F-21GF-P1.0, SHF-001T-0.8BS, SBN-001T-0.1
SCN-001T-0.1, SCN-001T-1.0K, SXA-001T-P0.6
SXAM-001T-P0.6, SXA-01T-P0.6, SXAM-01T-P0.6
SXA-001T-P0.6L, SXH-001T-P0.6N, SXH-001T-P0.6
RA-SC1290, RF-SC2210, RF-SC2290
SBHSM-002T-P0.5, SSF-21T-P1.4, SDN-21T-P1.5
SVH-21T-P1.1, SVH-41T-P1.1, SVU-21T-P0.6
SBH-001T-P0.5, SVF-01T-1.5N, SYM-01T-P0.7
SXF-01T-P0.7, SYM-41T-P0.7, SXF-41T-P0.7
SLC-21T-2.0, SBHT-002T-P0.5, SVM-42T-P2.0
SVF-42T-P2.0, SVM-61T-P2.0, SVF-61T-P2.0
SYF-01T-P0.5A, SYF-41T-P0.5A, SVYF-41T-P0.5A-13.5
SYF-61T-P0.5A, SVYF-61T-P0.5A, SVT-41T-P1.1
SVA-41T-P1.1, SVF-01T-2.36N, SVF-01T-2.36LN
SMM-003T-P0.5, SWPT-001T-P025, SMR-001T-P0.6
SJ2M-002GF-M1.0N, SJ2M-01GF-M1.0N, SJ2M-01GF-M1.0N
SJ2M-21GF-M1.0N, SJ2M-01GF-M1.0N, SYM-001T-P0.6
SYF-001T-P0.6, SXM-01T-P0.6, SXM-01T-P0.6
SSM-21T-P1.4, SSF-01T-P1.4, SSM-01T-P1.4
SBHM-001T-P0.5, SLM-01T-P1.3E, SLF-01T-P1.3E
SLM-41T-P1.3E, SLF-41T-P1.3E, SYM-01T-P0.5A
SYM-41T-P0.5A, SZM-01T-P0.7, SZF-01T-P0.7

Molex Contacts
50351-8100, 50752-8100, 5263PBTL
5159TL, 5159PBTL, 2578-(P909)
50802-8100, 50802-9101, 43030-007
43030-0010, 43031-0007, 43031-0010
50217-8100, 50217-9101, 5194TL
5194PBTL, 5556TL, 5556PBTL
5556T2L, 5556PBT2L, 5558TL
5558PBTL, 50597-8100, 1190TL
1380TL, 1189ATL, 1381ATL

Amp Contacts
182206-2. 87756-6, 87809-2
175288-2, 175289-2, 175288-5
175289-5, 926896-1, 926895-1
770902-1, 170363-1, 170365-1
770904-1, 770985-1, 770987-1

JAE Contacts
IL-AG5-C1-5000, IL-AG5-PC1-5000, M34S75C4F1
M34S75C4F2, IL-S-C2-SC-0001, IL-G-C2-SC-0001

HRS Contacts
DF11-2428SC, DF3-2428SC