Enjoy to play with the ESP32 development platform

Everyone may be familiar with Espressif’s ESP32 products. Its high integration and powerful make it an ideal choice for IoT project development. The CoreS3 development toolkit developed by M5Stack is based on the ESP32 product. For beginners or experienced developers, we have developed a series of modular plug-and-play, low-code development product platforms that can easily create high-quality product prototypes.

Core S3 is the third generation of the M5Stack development kit series This series is the classic product of M5Stack. The entire series uses the ESP32 series main control. The S3 is equipped with the dual-core Xtensa LX7 processor of the ESP32-S3 series chip. Its main frequency can reach 240MHz. This series hides all connections out of sight. It can be used like building blocks. Modules with the required functions can be directly put on them.


Specifications Parameters
MCU ESP32-S3@Xtensa LX7, 16MFLASH and 8M-PSRAM, WIFI, OTGCC functions
Touch IPS LCD screen 2.0"@320 x 240 ILI9342C
Camera GC0308@300,000 pixels
Proximity sensors LTR-553ALS-WA
Power management chip AXP2101
Six-axis attitude sensor BMI270
Magnetometer BMM150
RTC BM8563
Speaker 16bits-I2S power amplifier chip AW88298@1W
Audio decoding chip ES7210, dual microphone inputs
Product size 54 x 54 x 16mm
Package size 101x64x34mm
Product weight 73.3g
Package weight 97.8g

The M5 stack is also equipped with a graphical programming IDE UIFLOW 2.0. The UIFLOW web page can be directly downloaded to Core S3. The UIFLOW firmware can be downloaded to S3 through MBurner.


Note: Before downloading the program, you need to press and hold the Reset button for 3 seconds (green light turns on) to enter download mode to prevent any download failure.

Related operations:
Power on: Click the left power button
Shut down: Long press the left power button for 6 seconds
Reset: Click the bottom RST button
Download mode: Long press the reset button for 3 seconds (green light is on)

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: If a sensor doesn’t work or doesn’t seem to be there after connecting, what could be the reason?

Answer: CoreS3 uses AXP2101 power management chip. If you want the Port and M5-Bus to output normal voltage, you must first configure it accordingly. You can find the API required for configuration in the AXP2101.cpp library file and set it according to specific needs.


M5Stack’s CoreS3 adopts the ESP32-S3 solution

DigiKey Part Number: 2221-K128-ND
Datasheet: Datasheet