Epcos - TDK B3292_A/B - X2 High Current EMI Suppression Capacitors

Epcos - TDK has made available the part markings for B3292_A/B - X2 High Current capacitors

If the capacitor is wide enough, the entire marking will be on the top. In this case, the stamping
will contain the following information:

1st line: Manufacturer’s logo, lot number, revision status
2nd line: Date code, capacitance, cap. tolerance, rated voltage
3rd line: Type number, interference suppression, sub class, style/self-healing
4th line: Climatic category
5th line: Marks of conformity

If the capacitor is not wide enough for the entire marking, the information in the marking will be
split between the top and side. In this case, the following partial information will be found on the


Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
495-75413-ND B32924B4225K000
495-75421-ND B32926A4685M000
495-75419-ND B32926A4475K000
495-75422-ND B32926A4825M000
495-76662-ND B32928A4206K000
495-75418-ND B32926B4475M000
495-76661-ND B32928A4156K000
495-75406-ND B32924A4474M000
495-75423-ND B32926A4106M000
495-75408-ND B32924A4824M000
495-75415-ND B32924B4335K000
495-75410-ND B32924B4105K000
495-75409-ND B32924A4105M000
495-75417-ND B32926A4335M000
495-75416-ND B32926A4105M000
495-76660-ND B32928A4106K000
495-75407-ND B32924A4684M000
495-75414-ND B32924A4335M000
495-75411-ND B32924A4155M000
495-75412-ND B32924A4225M000
495-75420-ND B32926A4565M000
B32924A4185M000-ND B32924A4185M000
495-B32928A4156M000-ND B32928A4156M000
B32926A4185M000-ND B32926A4185M000
B32926B4825K000-ND B32926B4825K000
B32926B4185K000-ND B32926B4185K000
B32926B4275K000-ND B32926B4275K000
B32926A4125M000-ND B32926A4125M000
495-B32926A4685K000-ND B32926A4685K000
495-B32928A4825M000-ND B32928A4825M000
495-B32928A4106M000-ND B32928A4106M000
B32924B4155K000-ND B32924B4155K000
B32924A4275M000-ND B32924A4275M000
B32926B4565K000-ND B32926B4565K000
B32926A4225M000-ND B32926A4225M000
B32926B4125K000-ND B32926B4125K000
B32924A4564M000-ND B32924A4564M000
B32926A4155M000-ND B32926A4155M000
B32926B4335K000-ND B32926B4335K000
B32924B4824K000-ND B32924B4824K000
B32924B4185K000-ND B32924B4185K000
B32924A4125M000-ND B32924A4125M000
B32926A4275M000-ND B32926A4275M000
495-76659-ND B32928A4825K000