EPCOS(TDK) SMD NTC thermistors part numbering - "V09" suffix


A common question for EPCOS(TDK) SMD NTC thermistors’ part numbers is “What is the meaning of the “V09” suffix?”

As per EPCOS’ document, listed below:

"By end of 2015 all EPCOS SMD NTC thermistors now manufactured with solderable Ni-barrier terminations will be produced with a new standardized lead-free glass passivation. This technology is already being used for EPCOS SMD varistors and some EPCOS SMD NTC thermistors with tight tolerances. Products are qualified to the requirements of AEC-Q200 among others.

To permit clear distinction and tracking, the suffix V09 will be added to the ordering part numbers. The labels on the packaging and the shipping documents will than bear an 18-digit number, e.g. B57331V2472J060V09."

When ordering the part, you can just use the 15-digit ordering part numbers, e.g. B57331V2472J060 in processing.

To understand the product change detail, please check:
PCN_Lead-free_glass_passivation_SMD_NTC_thermistors.pdf (247.7 KB)