Epson FC1610AN Series Crystals - Part Numbering

When looking at the Epson FC1610AN series of crystals the part number breaks down as follows.

This breakdown is for parts made from May 2016 onward, for parts made prior to May 2016 use the following breakdown

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Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
114-FC1610AN32.7680KA-AC0TR-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-AC0
SER4215TR-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-A3
114-FC1610AN32.7680KA-A0TR-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-A0
114-FC1610AN32.7680KA-AG5TR-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-AG5
114-FC1610AN32.7680KA-AC7TR-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-AC7
FC1610AN32.7680KA-R5-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-R5
FC1610AN32.7680KA-A-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-A
FC1610AN32.7680KA-AC-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-AC
FC1610AN32.7680KA-R3-ND FC1610AN 32.7680KA-R3
114-FC1610AN32.7680K-60NN90KCB-ND FC1610AN 32.7680K-60NN90KCB
114-FC1610AN32.7680K-60NN90KCXTR-ND FC1610AN 32.7680K-60NN90KCX
Pre May 2016 Part Numbers