Epson GLPGS03 battery change

Can you please advise me to select and buy the right technical battery for use in 3D Epson GLPGS03 glasses? My best guess is from a greatbforum I found:

One guy/woman posts the possibility of purchasing the battery below.

Is this a safe buy, or is there a better functioning solution?
Is shipment to the Netherlands possible?

Hope to hear from u.
KR Jameson

Hello KR, I checked with our sales department and confirmed this is a restricted product due to lithium content and is unable to ship internationally. I wrote the following information before calling sales:

That battery would likely work for your application. Keep in mind, this battery comes connectorized and your glasses may have the battery soldered to the board or have a different connector. If you’re okay with soldering I’d say you shouldn’t have any issues with it. Keep polarity in mind and be careful to avoid shorting and/or physically damaging the battery as they can be dangerous if punctured or shorted.

I apologize we’re unable to help you with the purchase of your battery but hopefully the info I provided will help you in replacing it.

Thanks! Kyle

Hello Kyle,

Thank you so much for your response. Safety first! I’ll try and find this product closeby.

More affordable 3D glasses cost about 30 dollar a piece. It still seems the investment to repair is worth it when it succeeds.

Two specially needed tools to release the screws on these glasses might set me back 20 Euro’s (22,8 US dollar). Some solding. Should be allright.

Thanx once more.

KR, Jameson

Joost Heijstek