P637-LO22-ND Velux replacement battery power pack

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DIGIKEY 800-344-4539 P637-LO22-ND #64664648 Hi il looking for a NIMH 4.8v L-FAT A battery for Velux window solar blind replacement. Can anyone help ? Steve ![image|666x500](upload://sxp5sOdEipuhBHBveyf85uYDZCm.jpeg) ![image|690x318](upload://oXb7XBhER1yCrsBZq88XZV5CGrw.jpeg)

Click here for P637-L022-ND.
We currently have 7 of these in stock.
The digit after the L is a zero and not the letter O.

Many thanks Dave , I need 4no units ,just waiting for my account to be authorised and I’ll be in touch :+1::+1:

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Hi David, I’ve been trying to find these battery packs from Digikey UK but it seems they are unavailable here. Have you any idea of shipping costs for 5 units to the uk as it may be to expensive to be worth the trouble and how would I make payment to Digikey USA
Many thanks
Ps I am registered with Digikey UK