Error: Missing drill file


While trying to upload .zip (include copper layers, drill file and solder mask as required by pcb builder) file in PCB builder, error says “missing drill file” even if it contains supported file (.drl).

PCB tool: Allegro
missing drill file

Any idea, what could be wrong here?



@Erik_Brateng is probably the person best positioned to speak to the issue, but in the meantime be aware that file extensions (.drl etc) don’t necessarily specify the format of the information contained; this is particularly true in the ECAD tool environment.

Being unfamiliar with Allegro I can’t offer specifics, but I’d check the settings of the export utility and verify that an “excellon” format is specified, as this seems the favored flavor of the day. I’d expect the output should have a format loosely like that below when viewed in a text editor.


@DKpcb this issue seems to vary across different design software’s. I will send you a direct message to get files and our development team can use them to fine tune our tool.


Thanks Rick!