ERxternal HDD buy in ASliexpress firmware and smart is false?

My brother bought an external HDD on aliexpress, it is a case and inside is a notebook HDD, when opening the smart it appears to be new, it has not been used or turned on for hours and has no bad sectors, is there a program to find out if the firmware is original? or smart was tampered with to show this information and it would be a used HDD?

That a discussion you should have with the manufacture of the internal hard-drive…

I see this from time to time, while SMART is useful, Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology - Wikipedia it’s really up to the manufacture to implement. There is no ‘certification’ body to validate any of the claims of the actual SMART values. It really comes to you to decide if you are trusting the values they report over SMART… (and trust is related to how much you pay for the device…) I would have very little trust of a $5 SSD from a random party, vs a $100 unit from a manufacture partners store…


My question is whether the Chinese at aliexpress change the firmware and SMART of the notebook HDD to show false values ​​stating that the HDD is new, unused and without a badblock

There is no easy way to verify any of that.

Either you trust the seller who sold you the product or you do not.

To validate the legitimacy of the hardware, you either trust the reporting of the SMART data or you do not.

If you need to validate the HDD to see if you can trust it, your only option is to directly contact the Manufacture of the notebook HDD.

This is why, here at DigiKey, we are an “ECIA Member”… Authorized Distributor | DigiKey Electronics this is to ensure we only get product directly from manufactures legitimate supply chain.



Which software is the best to find out if the HDD is readable and original and which software is best to detect HDD errors and badblocks?

If the Chinese changed the firmware and SMART will the HDD badblocks and errors never be shown?


I do not know what the best software is for either of these but here are some links for you to do some research .