ESP32 and WLED Help

Hello, I am trying to get a ESP32 with Wled installed on it. I purchased 3 from Amazon and with the instructions given from two sources on Youtube I attempted to install Wled onto the ESP32’s. The instructions are to go to and follow the directions. I tried on two Mac’s without success and a PC that I do not understand at all (the reason I’m a Mac user).I am happy to buy 3 or 4 ESP32’s with Wled installed but cannot find them anywhere. I would prefer to do them myself but I’m at a loss as to how I would appreciate any assistance. I can be reached at

Hello cwm125.

We don’t carry any ESP32s with Wled pre-installed, unfortunately.

As for installing it on what you already have, I have no experience with Macs but the windows version looks to be a fairly straightforward process. Click here for what appears to be more detailed instructions on how to use It looks like it should work in Chrome, Edge, or Opera.

Something to watch for, in step #4 it calls out “If nothing appears, you may need to update your USB-to-serial drivers, or you may not be using a USB cable that supports data transfer.” This is a common problem with older USB cables that were designed for power only (think charging cables).

One other thing to keep in mind is that the ESP32s from Amazon may have slightly different builds depending on who manufactured them. We always recommend sticking with known official sources if possible to minimize alternative or faulty hardware.

Someone else in the TechForum community may have other suggestions as well.