ESP32-LYRAT version


I’m looking forward to purchase Espressif’s LyraT board, but I’m not sure about the HW revision, both for the LyraT(4.3?) and the ESP32 chip on it (rev 3):

Thanks for your help,

I have forwarded your request to the product specialist for a reply and will update you as soon as we receive one.

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Thank you! Looking forward to it

@Rhonda_1175 any updates? I need to finalise the order as soon as possible.


I checked Rhonda’s notes for this request, and she is still waiting for a reply from the Product Specialist.

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In the end I took my chances with the order, since I could not wait anymore.
In case someone is interested, I got LyraT v4.3, mounting ESP32-WROVER-E rev3:


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Thanks for the information, glad you received the revisions you needed.