Excitation circuit for transformer

Any suggestions on the sine wave excitation IC that we can use to excite the xenon trigger coil (Digikey Product No.: ZS1052(H)-ND)?

Thank you


I have submitted an inquiry to see if there is a recommendation.

See the manufacturer’s response:
“Seems that customer wants to get a reference for a RCL triggering circuit(resonant circuit).
See attached(linked below) our App Notes with examples for triggering circuits .
The ZS1052 (H) trigger coil should not be operated at primary trigger voltages >300V and max trigger capacitor is 220nF.”
Application note high performance flash_.pdf (496.6 KB)

Thank you for the information. Could you also recommend any readily available IC that has a similar feature that we can use for our application for this trigger coil?

Thank you


We are checking on this again and will get back to you as soon as we have some information.
Thanks for the patience.

Hello Eddie,

See Manufacturer response below please.

“We do not have triggering circuits as a separate product available. We are just limited to the single component , the triggering coil.”

Sorry for the inconvenience.