ZS1052(H) ignition coil

Dear TechForum support team,
We repair the Anticollision Flashlight system of aircraft B717. It utilizes a xenon lamp P/N 03-1850-0001 that is ignited by an ignition transformer. The transformer manufacturer does not exist anymore. We have problems with the system repair.
Doing reverse engineering we found the transformer resembles very close to the Excelitas coil P/N ZS1052(H) in electrical and mechanical parameters.
The subject Excelitas coil listed temperature range (-30…+80 C) does not suit the application demands.
Could you provide a product that will comply with airworthiness standards?
Stan Nikonov

Hello Stan,
Thank you for posting on our forum, and welcome to the community.
PN ZS1324-24VLUL1(H)-ND
Is the highest rated Trigger Coil we carry.

Per paragraph 16 of the terms & conditions, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine suitability for any intended use.

So no, DK does not offer products warranted as suitable for aircraft applications.

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