Fair-Rite Solid Rod meaning?

I’ve already asked Fair-Rite themselves, but I want to ask here as well.

I’m looking at this product: 4077296011 Fair-Rite Products Corp. | Magnetics - Transformer, Inductor Components | DigiKey

Fair-Rite and Digikey describe this product in two categories: Rods and Solid Rods. Does anyone know the difference between the two, or know if Solid Rods from Fair-Rite are made from powder-pressing techniques? I’m looking for a ferrite rod that is NOT powder-pressed.

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From what I’m understanding, there wouldn’t be a difference between “rod” and “solid rod”. as for the manufacturing technique, I believe Fair-Rite would be the ones that need to answer this question. Here is a link to a datasheet I found for the part: https://www.fair-rite.com/product_datasheet/PN4077296011.html

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In the link Nate gave, right below the part number breakdown, they describe it as “Pressed Fair-Rite rods”, as seen here:

Therefore, I believe they are all pressed powder.

Ferrite core production is almost always via powder processes, as this gives favorable magnetic properties for most purposes.

The use of “solid rod” as opposed to “rod” may potentially be to amplify the distinction between a cylindrical versus tubular shape, though I suspect that it’s equally likely to reflect a lack of rigorous adherence to strict definition at time of information entry. FOr better or worse, product descriptions aren’t the sort of thing that’s subject to ANSI/IEC/NIST/JEDEC standards.

Just out of curiosity, are you looking for a ferrite product that is not milled into fine powder (generally smaller than 2um) after the precursor oxides are combined? (initial sintering and calcination)