Fanstel BM823 / NRF52832 Module Mesh Dev

The three NRF52832 based modules that I usually use - the Adafruiit, the Raytec and the Garmin along with the Nordic Dev Kit all run our firmware perfectly without adjustment to compiler settings, SoftDevice or memory locations.

The Fanstel BM832 is giving me problems. For example I can compile and load the Nordic Blinky code and step through it. However when I compile and load the Blinky BLE code, it has errors as soon as it starts to initialize the radio. I want to be clear that I am using the BM832 with 512 Flash. I bought the BM832A the first time around without noticing that it does not have enough memory for our app.

The BM823 is approved by Nordic so I am sure it works however I have not figured out the required settings or code changes required to run our mesh application or any Nordic example that uses the radio. This applies to the Segger Embedded Studio dev environment as well as Zephyr.

Any suggestions from Digikey would be greatly appreciated.

I have no experience with the Fanstel modules but found a related post on Nordic’s WevZone Unable to run "BLE Blinky" on an Fanstel BM832A but can run non-BLE examples - Nordic Q&A - Nordic DevZone - Nordic DevZone that talks about a requirement to “Erase All followed by a power-on reset” to clear the delivered settings before the BLE will work.

Thank you Mister Scott! “Erase All” has been my go to for working with the NRF mesh models but not the immediate power on reset. I will give it a try!