Ferrite piece

Trying to find a source to purchase a ferrite insert that screws into a tuning coil.
This is on a 1968 Farfisa organ. Due to old age they crumble into pieces when you try to adjust the tuning.
Looks to be metric threads and diameter between 3/16 and 1/4 inch and one inch in length. So maybe 5 -6 mm diameter?


Tunable inductors are a component class that’s fallen out of favor at this point, so the chances of finding new-production repair parts for one made in '68 are not good, to put it mildly. Some improvisation may be needed.

What’s on hand in the way of ferrite rods can be found here, and adjustable inductors here.

ok thank you. I did see some ferrite pieces available without threads not sure if the material is strong enough to use a tap and die set an make the threads?
may have to try it if nothing else works.

Ferrites are essentially ceramic in character; hard, brittle, and pretty much non-machinable other than by grinding. Cutting threads into some sort of sleeve material that a chunk of ferrite is fitted into may be an option.

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ok thanks for the advice. I also may try finding a smooth ferrite rod that is able to fit in the tuning coil and move it in and out to see if I can get it tuned correctly and if it works then seal the ends with wax so it wont move.
Just a thought