Custom Ferrite Cores In High Frequency Magnetics

Ferrite Coil transformers or inductors have relatively low losses at high frequencies so they are commonly used in applications such as switch-mode power supplies or RF transceivers. However, the specific inductance value required for a given application may be difficult to find as a standard offering in the market. This is where custom ferrite cores can help.

General assembly parts require:

  1. Coil Former (also called Bobbin)
  2. Terminal carrier
  3. Ferrite Core
  4. Clamp (or Yoke)
  5. Other fixed accessories

Some manufacturers may combine the coil former and terminal carrier into one part, such as EPCOS B66308 series.

Therefore you only need a ferrite core with the required operating frequency. For example Ferroxcube 3C91 series can be used to configure general purpose transformers at frequencies up to 0.33 MHz.

For more information on Ferroxcube core materials, check out our Ferroxcube Material Overview here.