Filter capacitor identification and replacement

I need some help identifying a replacement part for this filter capacitor. What’s throwing me off is the K designation. I’m used to seeing X or Y primarily. Thanks for the help.

Hello @Chkpost,

Welcome to the community! The K suffix might be for the 10% tolerance. If you see an X or Y rating, those ratings are safety class rating and those types of capacitors are designated for a certain part of the input on the line voltage side for AC circuits. I don’t see those ratings so any film capacitor that is 0.1uf, 10% or better tolerance, 400vDC or higher with the same lead spacing and that has similar dimensions that will fit into the existing device should work. Please take a look at the options on this link and verify the pitch needed for the pc pins for the board spacing.

The 40/100/56 looks to be the Climatic Category, see post Climatic Category on Film Capacitors

Thank you,

Ok great thank you Jeff !