Finding a compatible driver for the LED strip build


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I want to build an LED grow lighting using this particular strip. I want to link 8 of these strip together with heat sink but I want to know what Driver is compatible(wattage,volt) with this set up.


A pair of HLG-480H-54 would appear suitable. Each should be able to power (4) of the mentioned emitters wired in parallel.

Isnt that a bit of n overkill. I was thinking 8 strips using a hlg320 driver.

8 of those would likely overdraw the driver, the strip takes ~2A and the driver can supply roughly 8A.

The nominal rated input power for each strip is approximately 100 watts; were one to drive 8 of them in parallel from a HLG-320H-48B for example, the configuration should be valid and workable, but each strip would operate at approximately 840mA of drive current, or just slightly over 1/3rd of their intended drive level.

Such a configuration may be advantageous in terms of creating a physically expansive array and/or reducing thermal management concerns, but at day’s end in doing so one would be buying about $200 worth of LEDs more than would be needed otherwise for a more or less equivalent light output.

If you want to run 8 of those strips at nominal input power, a pair of HLG-480H-54 should be suitable. (Very) loosely speaking, that should offer an approximation of direct sunlight over an area approximately 2’x4’ in size.

So I wanna build something like this. There is 8 bars, each bar is roughly 46inches. I am assuming each bar can attach 2 LED strips. That means this build will required 16 led strips? What driver will i need to build something like this pic i have above. Thanks for the input you guys.

I have recently posted a grow light I want to put together. From the info you provided, so i would need 4x hlg-480 drivers to make a 5x5 coverage.

Choose how much light you want; use enough LEDs to get there, and enough drivers to power them.

In context of prior discussion,that would translate into a 1.6kW array; roughly the equivalent of common electric space heaters. Thermal management seems likely to become problematic. Consider starting with half that, leaving provisions for expansion if needed.

I understand what you’re saying. I’m just trying to replicate these grow LED thats in the market. Are they using a special driver to operate such fixtures because the amount of driver needed to run a 5x5 coverage LED fixture is a lot

Another option may be 1145-USCO-320210GA-ND to power 4 strips wired in series connection.

It could be they use a custom driver specially manufactured for their design. Although initially expensive to create, custom designs save money on a mass production scale.