Flat ribbon cable

I am trying to determine what flat ribbon cable is compatible with this 68-contact connector.
Digikey part number A114030-ND
TE Connectivity part number 5787131-3
The 68 contacts are 0.8 mm (0.031") pitch in two rows.
There are no 0.4 mm pitch flat ribbon cables.
Does this connector require crimping two 34 conductor flat ribbon cables with 0.85 mm pitch on each side of the connector. There are no 0.85 mm pitch flat ribbon cables on your website.


Welcome to the TechForum! I am looking to see what I can find for a compatible cable.

This part is not meant to be used with a ribbon cable. Looking the the associated backshell A114418-ND, the part is meant to be used with a 30 AWG 68 conductor round cable.

Interesting. I think what you are saying is that I need to insert one wire at a time from a cable rather than all 68 even though it is described as a mass termination IDC connector.