Flex Power Modules DC DC Converters Configuration Inquiry

If you are looking for instructions on reprogramming the output voltage of BMR4912510/871, from Flex Power Modules, you may learn more below.

Confirmed by manufacturer, please reference the below instructions.

  1. While the module is disabled (EN is in the off position and the output voltage is 0 V), apply a suitable voltage in the range of 40 to 60 V.

  2. Using the PMBus command VOUT_COMMAND (0x21), change the output voltage from the default value of 24 V (0x6000) to 25 V (0x6400).

  3. Send the command STORE_USER_ALL (0x15) to write to User NVM.

  4. Recycle the power and check the output voltage. It should be 25 V.

  5. Please download the Flex Power Designer (FPD) tool from the link below and use that tool to reprogram the output voltage.

[Flex Power Designer from Flex Power Modules • Power Modules • Flex]

Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
2166-BMR4910202/853-ND BMR4910202/853
2166-BMR4913208/857-ND BMR4913208/857
2166-BMR4913206/855-ND BMR4913206/855
2166-BMR4912511/858-ND BMR4912511/858
2166-BMR4912510/871-ND BMR4912510/871
2166-BMR4910203/851-ND BMR4910203/851