Flux Remover

I am using ChipQuick NC191 soldering flux. My problem is removing this flux after all parts have been soldered to my PCB.
What is the best flux remover for this task?
I am only building up a few 4" x 6" proto PCB’s. I would like to remove the NC191 flux using a toothbrush and a short bristle acid brush.

I would appreciate any help.


The datasheet suggests isopropyl alcohol.

Yes, I know. However when I use isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush, rubbing and brushing the IPA over my PCB and set the PCB aside to “dry”, I get small and larger diameter of NC191 flux clumps on the PCB.

I then wipe the PCB with a Kleenex tissue to remove the clumps. I brush the PCB using a toothbrush and IPA, and get more clumps after the PCB drys.

Repeating this cycle four times removes the flux.

What I was looking for is some chemical flux remover to remove and flush the NC191 flux from the PCB in one brushing.

IPA does not have this type of the desired flux remover power.

Best wishes

you may want to use a flux remover not sure the type of material you are using but here is the selection we have : https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/flux-flux-remover/266?s=N4IgjCBcpgHAzFUBjKAzAhgGwM4FMAaEAeygG0QAWagBhoiPktgFZ5FHm3KQjKA2AJwB2WP14gmreLAlS2guV3jCl0lmrbi%2BAJhYsBIALpEADgBcoIAMrmATgEsAdgHMQAXyJhBsRdBCokJi4hCTkIDTGniAAtDpIAVD2AK6hpJAUGkbu0fEZIGhYyQAeAATIWHgYTnh2UUA

Robert: Do you have any of ChipQuick’s, COSOLV165, their latest flux remover in 1 oz or 3 oz bottle?

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I do not do not show we carry that part.

Robert: Digi-Key might ask ChipQuik about this flux remover. They say it works very well removing the NC191 flux, with final clean up using isopropyl alcohol.

The ChipQuik spokesman said that they were very impressed with how well the NC191 flux works when soldering parts to the PCB plated thru holes. I also agree. It works very well.

However ChipQuik spokesman said that while the flux works so well, removing it has been a challenge for the ChipQuik folks. The COSOLV165 product has been a recent development at ChipQuik, and has only recently been released to the marketplace.

Thanks for responding to my request for a flux remover. I look forward to seeing the COSOLV165 product for sale at Digi-Key.

Best wishes,

Jerry Renken

yes we could order that for you , however I do not show you have a customer number to start special order for you, you can send an email in to Orders@Digikey.com with your shipping address and contact information, I have emailed the manager in suggestion from you to carry this product in the future, Thank you .

Robert: If you did order this very new CoSolv 165 flux cleaner product for me in the 1 oz bottle, would you tell me what it would cost, and approximately what the shipping charge would be for delivery down here i Northfield, MN?

If I ordered same from ChipQuik, they wanted $21 for the flux cleaner and $15 for shipping.

Best wishes,

Jerry Renken