Solder wire flux type

Does anyone know if the solder wire flux is no-clean? I am using Loctite HYDX SN63 3C 0.56mm wire.
Known as:63/37 HX 3C. Could not find more information about it on the web. Maybe it is an old product. But, does
the residue need to be cleaned after soldering?

MM00989 is not a no clean MM00989 is a Hydro-X 63/37 Water Soluble

Thanks Robert!
I wonder what would be the proper way of cleaning it in an engineering lab. I have water, isopropyl alcohol
and air blow nozzle, and maybe a brush somewhere.

There are a few aluminum caps on the board. Don’t know if they can be submerged in water.

I’m not sure if they can clear corrosive flux, but one option you might want to consider would be some of 3M’s Novec cleaners, here: 3M Novec Cleaner. The contact cleaner is totally inert and can get rid of most contaminants. After that, perhaps spot cleaning with an isopropyl swab for lingering stubborn spots on individual boards, for laboratory work?

The datasheet for most solder products contains information regarding cleaning.

Thanks Matt for the 3M cleaner. The board goes into a prototype product. That is why cleaning…

Thanks Rick!