Folding plug

I am looking for a “folding” plug, as seen in many current USB chargers. Two prongs.

I have tried a variety of word combinations in various search engines, but no luck.

Any suggestions?


Are you talking about a wall plug to USB like this?

If so take a look here. they are not all foldable but it is the right category.


I don’t think there are any keywords in our descriptions or filters that will find those. I tried it, too. I used a few of our existing tilter options and the assumption that this might be for North America to make a short list: [ AC DC Wall Adapters ], and then used the photos as clues. So, part numbers 2368-57-5D-1000-U-ND and 2368-57-5D-4000-U-ND and 839-16-00242-ND appeared to be options. I looked at the datasheets and drawings to verify those.

These have folding or retractable blades, but I know that some models have the type that can fold out to work as a straight adapter or a right-angle type. I don’t know if we have those, but the list that I posted is short enough to sort through. Be aware that I found some products that included “foldable” in the supplier documentation, but they weren’t. It had a different interpretation, I suppose.

Robert and Bill - thank you for your help.

Each of you pointed me to the type of adapter that uses the folding plugs. However, I am looking for the folding plug itself, which I will then put inside a module of my own.

I will keep searching.

All of the folding plugs I have ever found are part of custom molded product housings. :frowning:

Using a source in China you should be able to get a custom housing mold for about three to ten thousand dollars US as long as you buy a few thousand housing assemblies from the mold maker/molding company. The mechanical engineering and electrical safety engineering costs are on top of the mold costs.

I have seen these referred to as “Travel Chargers” as the plug will fold away for protection when traveling. I don’t think it is a set description, that everyone will call it that.

Paul - thanks. I was afraid of that, but am not surprised.