FPGA with low power consumption and low space. Cost is ok

I am looing for a small FPGA that does not take up allot of space to have a softprocessor on it. It needs to be low current consumption and not take up allot of physical space.

Hello DanielMorley and welcome to the TechForum, We do have FPGA’s in surface mount styles, I know the Igloo series has some debugging tied to their soft processor. You may have to elaborate on your space requirements however.

The problem I am having is that I have battery powered going from 3.6V battery powering our logic. I do have a 1.8V reg on the board that I can use for a low powered FPGA. My space constraint is as small as possible. The igloo’s I have looked at have a real low operating voltage. Unless I wish to add a different reg for the FPGA which is difficult.

Hi DanielMorley,

1.8V is a very high voltage for the core voltage of an FPGA these days.

Looking through a few of the low power options out there, it looks like some of the Igloo family go as high as 1.5V for a core voltage. Most of the others are in the 1.2V range. Then you will need to provide at least one more voltage rail for I/O, which can range from 1.2V to around 3.3V, and quite possibly one or two more rails for memory or other functions.