FSP Power Supply for NCR CX7

I need to source a few power supplies for NCR CX7 registers. The original NCR power supply is FSP Group FSP150-A24C14. I have purchased FSP150-AAAN3 with the same connector and parameters (150W, 24V/6.25A), however different pinout.
I have recognized that the pins on FSP150-A24C14 are:
plus minus
plus minus
pins on FSP150-AAAN3 are:
plus plus
minus minus

Can you please help me source FSP150-A24C14 or a compatible PSU?

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Welcome to the TechForum.

Please take a look at part 1145-ADT-150C24ACK-A-ND.

From the information you provided, pins 1, 4 are positive and 2, 3 are negative.

The power supply provided does look to match up with your information.

Please take a look to confirm.