SHR-10V-S For Power Supply MDS-300APB12 AA

I am testing power supply MDS-300APB12 AA and cant find the appropriate connector for CN101. The data sheet specs connect SHR-10V-S, but that connector does not fit the the board side connector. We have tested an older Delta Power supply and it use Molex connector 104142-1000, which also fits the 300APB power supply. This Molex connector and the pins are discontinued so I’m not sure how to proceed. Is it possible to get these power supplies with the correct CN101 connectors?

My guess is that you got some older stock, based on this PCN.

I’d have to consult with others to see if we have any newer stock to trade you; since we don’t have any of the old connector to offer and it seems needful to run the supply, you’d certainly be within reason to request a return.

Recent production should all have the new connector, but it’s tough to tell how fresh anybody’s stock is; lead times are still indicated at 52 weeks and the event appears to have transpired mid-StockPocalypse, so if bench testing is your purpose, some sort of duct tape workaround may be needful unless you’re willing to wait.

I’ll check with the product manager and see about getting more info.