FTDI TTL-232-3V3-2mm has WRONG Output Voltage

I ordered a couple of FTDI TTL-232-3V3-2mm and the Output Voltage on both cables is 5.0V instead of 3.3V. I’ve used these before and the output voltage is usually correct.
Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi @SRStadler , welcome to the TechForum. Do you have any load on the connector? (pull down resistor?)


This table shows the output power voltage is set up for 3.3V. These cables have worked for me before.

I see what I did now. The TTL-232R-3V3-2mm has 5.0V on the power out, but 3.3V on the UART signals. The ones I used before were the WE, just wires on the end instead of the connector, and those have 3.3V on the power output if you order the 3.3V version
This is the one I need to order.
Sorry for my confusion, Thanks for your help!