RS232 to TTL adapters?


What happened to R232 TO TTL CONVERTER MODULE 1597-1306-ND? I bought about 20 over the past few years, but now they are gone. They have a DB9, a SIP4, and a MAX232.

Is there a substitute? They are very convenient for quick prototypes.


Hello @lslarry86,

It looks like the manufacturer obsoleted the part.

1286-1032-ND may be a good part to look at.


Nice, thank you. I searched for a minute but could not find the new part.


There are a few other versions available @ Digi-Key, some cheaper (especially if you don’t need 3.3V compatibility) and some nicely hackable to add features.

This one from Schmartboard Inc. I like to hack to add screw terminals on top of the DE-9 and also separate out the CTS/RTS to use as a second Tx/Rx pair.

This unit from MikroElektronika is the least expensive 3.3V compatible adapter.

This 5V only one is the least expensive of all.


Thanks very much. Those three are all classified as “Evaluation and Demonstration Boards” for MAX232 and friends. I did not try that search.