Need assistance w/components for 5V USB data cable


I am assembling a data cable for firmware programming and retrieving data. The Digi-Key part is 768-1029-ND shown here

I solder this to a 7-pin round DIN, CP-1070-ND, shown here:

The only other components I need are a 1 k Ohm resistor and a 4.7 V Zener diode. I was unable to find a Zener in stock so I’m hoping someone can help me select one correctly.

Let me know if you need any additional information

Hello Rvan – welcome to Digi-key’s TechForum.

If you’re looking for through hole components, here is an option for a 1K, 1/4W resistor CFR-25JB-52-1K . This is a link to stocking 4.7V Zener diodes. These options are also through hole. To narrow down your options, highlight one or two search parameters, then apply filters. If you prefer surface mount components, let us know.