Help finding ic ra232 to SPI

I’m having trouble to find a ic that I can use from the serial port of an intel NUC to SPI device (LTC6820)

I will be very thankful for help

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I don’t know of a commercially available adapter but what you are asking for is a TIA-232 to SPI adapter. (from 1960 to 1986 it was called RS-232 because it was not an adopted standard yet)

TIA-232 is non return to zero asynchronous serial with +/-3V to +/-15V signal levels. SPI is zero volt based synchronous serial usually with +3V to +5V signal levels.

It requires a microprocessor in between the two serial systems to make it work. A common method is to use a small microcontroller to read/write the two data streams and convert between them.

You might have an easier time using a USB to SPI interface with the NUC, like this one.

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Thank you for your reply Paul :slight_smile:

We actually have tried the MIKROE-1204 but wirhout sucess, we had signals not coming throught, our setup was this: MIKROE-1204 <>ltc6820 (iSPI to soSPI).
But we could not understand why this did not work?

Is there any IC that i can use for TIA-232 <> SPI? And make my own pcb? (It does not have to be a finished adapter)

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I do not know of any single IC solution to make the conversion from asynchronous to synchronous serial.

It’s relatively easy for a synchronous serial system to be translated to an asynchronous, or a different synchronous, system. This is why there are both SPI and USB to EIA-232 adaptors and USB to SPI adaptors from multiple companies.

Going the other direction is difficult. The easiest way for most people might be to use a custom programmed Arduino.

The Universal Serial Bus is always the easiest way to get asynchronous or synchronous serial into a modern PC. However the PC software drivers and/or application code can sometimes be very tricky to get working.

Added later:
Assuming this diagram shows what you were trying to do that didn’t work.

Then I’d try getting it to work without the two LTC6820’s in the way first.

Ok i see, maybe there is not any… we have tried arduini to but the memory was to low, so we only got some cell readings :laughing::sob:

But if we think about usb to spi instead as you mentioned, are ther only 1 possible solution? (If not using microcontroller)

Thank you very much for your good explanation and suggestions, ideas :smiley:

Almost like the picture you added, we want to use it like this pc>MCP2210>LTC6820>LTC6811

It works very good with a raspberry or orange pi but we need to use an intel NUC for stability and reliabiliy

Definitely sounds like a driver or application software problem on the NUC.

I believe I wasn’t clear on the Arduino idea. I would not have the Arduino save any readings. It would simply translate between the SPI device and PC’s. So it should only need to save a few dozen bytes of data at a time because it can throw away the data once sent out the other port.

You could also do the translation with any SBC that has TIA-232 and SPI ports.

BTW my experience is that a Raspberry Pi is just as stable and reliable as any PC. I’ve replaced all the dedicated PCs in my home and work test labs with Raspberry Pi’s.