Fumehood Use in a Cleanroom (P5-36-XT)


I am potentially interested in purchasing a fumehood for a cleanroom (ISO 8) application. Before moving forward, I had a few questions.

  1. Does this fumehood use 120V power? Does it need any other unique facility hookups?
  2. The use would be for primarily capturing cyclohexanone vapors. What filter would you recommend?
  3. Have you had a customer install these in an ISO 8 Cleanroom before? Were there any concerns with regards to disrupting the room’s airflow?

Thank you very much,


Hello @a.brosh,

Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to Digi-Key’s TechForum.

That Ductless Fume Hood (P5-36-XT-A) is a Marketplace Product that is offered on our website. We don’t have a lot of resources on the product but we are able to assist with some of your questions.

  1. That fume hood does use 120V, 60Hz for power. It is a NEMA 5-15P plug and I do not see any other hookups.
  2. The datasheet explains that you may want to contact Air Science for more information on the filters.
  3. As I said, this is a Marketplace product so we don’t actually stock it in our warehouses. That being said, you may also want to contact Air Science for information on what other customers have used that fume hood for before.