Gate Driver Suggestion

Hello, I’m looking for a gate driver for IXTP6N100D2 . This is a Depletion mode, N channel mosfet. I first looked for smart gate drives, but I think is too much for the purpose of switching applications.
I have an input logic of 5Vdc coming into the gate driver. any suggestions?

What are your other care-abouts; switching times/frequencies, isolation requirements, etc? In what sort of topology is it being used?

If you can deal with the slow speed, a photovoltaic output optocoupler like the APV1121SX is probably as simple as it gets. Depending on how you plan to use the transistor however, other approaches may be better.

This is a switching application.
The mosfet will remain on most of the time and only switch off for a short period of time, less than 200 miliseconds. I need the mosfet to turn off quick, less than 400 us, preference is in the nanoseconds range.
I would like isolation, and protection, such as current protection and miller effect. The APV1121SX would not work due to slow speed. Thank you

In such case a device with an externally-powered drive stage such as a ACPL-W346-500E may be better-suited. The choice of how one connects the external supply relative to the source terminal of the driven device determines the range of Vgs values that will be applied to the controlled FET. Connecting the Vcc terminal out the ACPLxxxx output to the FET source for example would enable application of negative gate voltages with an inverted sense of operation relative to the typical use case involving enhancement mode devices.

Depletion mode FETs are not especially popular, and I’m unaware of any standalone/integrated devices designed to function as a driver for such that also provide overcurrent monitoring/protection functions. If that’s something you need, you’ll likely need to assemble it yourself.

Alternatively, there may be integrated load-switch type devices that would be suitable for addressing your underlying goals.