Driver for gateway

Hi, I am currently trying to change output drivers on a small gateway, currently it has high side drivers where I need to have low side drivers for a pwm. The current part number is TLE4207 from Infineon. I called and talked with a tech earlier he recommended MAX6651EEE±ND and an adapter for the size. but after looking at the data sheet and realizing one is 14pin and the other 16. I’m looking for an other recommendation. I also would like to know if someone can tell me after I find something to change with if any other parts around it would have to be changed? Only thing I’m trying to change is getting to a low side drive, keep everything else the same.

Ps. I’m very new to electronics and this is over my head but I’m doing research and trying. Thanks!


The chips I see that would fit that foot print would all have that same “Half Bridge (2)” output configuration.
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The closest found was the 296-30453-1-ND in 14pin but different spacing.
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Do you think there is a direct swap one? Same on the pinout? Size I guess can always be adapted, but the pinout are different yeah? I don’t totally understand all of them, obviously I know what they stand for but what they do is another story

Unfortunately that is the best we have to offer.