General Cable C2064A series hook-up wires part numbering

When looking at C2064A series hook-up wires from General Cable, you may find different suffixes at the end of the part numbers, such as C2064A.12.06.
What are the meaning of these suffixes?

  • C2064A: Product Number
  • 12: Put-Ups Codes (packaging) and calls out 100 ft Spool
  • 06: Color Codes (jacket color codes) and calls out green

Here is a detail document for Put-Ups and Color Codes for these hook-up wires

Applicable Part Numbers

C2064A BLACK C2064A RED C2064A WHITE C2064A.12.01 C2064A.12.02
C2064A.12.03 C2064A.12.04 C2064A.12.05 C2064A.12.06 C2064A.12.07
C2064A.12.08 C2064A.12.10 C2064A.12.19 C2064A.21.01 C2064A.21.02
C2064A.21.03 C2064A.21.04 C2064A.21.05 C2064A.21.06 C2064A.21.07
C2064A.21.08 C2064A.21.10 C2064A.21.19 C2064A.46.01 C2064A.46.03

C2064A.46.01-ND C2064A.46.03-ND C2064A.46.05-ND C2064A-1000-ND
C2064A-100-ND C2064B-1000-ND C2064B-100-ND C2064B-500-ND
C2064G-1000-ND C2064G-100-ND C2064L-1000-ND C2064L-100-ND
C2064N-1000-ND C2064N-100-ND C2064R-1000-ND C2064R-100-ND
C2064R-500-ND C2064S-1000-ND C2064S-100-ND C2064V-1000-ND
C2064V-100-ND C2064W-1000-ND C2064W-100-ND C2064W-500-ND
C2064Y-1000-ND C2064Y-100-ND