Getting resistors off the tape

I know this is probably a stupid question but…
What is the proper, easy, best way to get through hole resistors, capacitors, LEDs off the tape without yanking them and bending the leads?


The best way I have found to take resistors and LED’s of of tape is with a small cutter such as part number 2260-TLXURON170II-ND. For the resistors just cut the wire close to the tape as there is no polarity on them , in most cases you will have to trim them to length after you apply them to the board , for the LED’s you can do the same but keep in mind there is usually one lead longer than the other so you can cut one lead at the tape and cut the other one shorter so you know the polarity , some but not all have a flat at the base of the LED this is also a polarity marker , check your data sheet for the parts you have.

Thanks Craig


DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?

Thanks! Bart

Thank you, Bart, No problem, that was a good question. Let us know if we can be of more help. Thank you, Mo

In case you ever need to do a large quantity of parts here’s a couple tricks to make cutting away the tape ends faster.

  • Use metal cutting or cheap office scissors to cut off 10 cm or more per cut.
  • Use a paper cutter to cut off 30 cm or more per cut.

These methods save a lot of time when you’ve got dozen to hundreds of assemblies to build.

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