Quick replace socket for smd resistors

In the same way there are sockets for PLCC type components (for example: 3M2811B1-ND)‎ I would image there is a tension based socket that allows for quickly replacing resistors with different value resistors. I am not having the much luck finding the right words to find the part I am envisioning. I believe I have 0805 resistors on hand but am looking for something that would allow me to experiment with different resistor values easily.

Never mind the fact that resistors are crazy cheap but are there any special considerations I would need to take into account. i.e. I am wondering if one resistor may have the same package dimensions but would be better suited for multiple insertion/removal that I should be aware of.


Most prototyping I know of is done with through-hole resistors. I’ve not encountered any quick-release socket for these parts, most of what I see for simple chip-package parts are solder-down adapters such as DC0805T-10X-ND. I’ve run a few searches for quick-release sockets for these style of parts, but nothing’s coming up. The only cautions I can think of is that the parts are small and fiddly enough to work with that prototypers use the solder-down sockets to make them easier to work with. I know there’s a few screw-down options for through-hole axial resistors designed for things like decade boxes, I’ll see if I can turn one of those up.

Found one, though with limited information. Apologies, SiberianRobot. TDU02DXTB-ND is an axial device quick-change(ish) socket we can supply.

Thank you for the quick response. I think what I should probably do is a bit more development on the bread board where through holes are much better suited for replacing. Originally, I was thinking to go straight to the pcb as I am making changes to a well known circuit configuration but I have doubts on the correct resistor value.

How about using a potentiometer? That way you can adjust the resistance value as needed until the prototype is finished.

That would be just too easy. lol. I am wanting to experiment with digital resistors so that is probably what I will end up doing. By that I mean I would use analog and digital pots in series. Some times the best answers are the simplest I suppose.

Thanks Lindsay

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