I want to practice removing 1206 resistors from PCB. Any idea what board has them?

I want to practice my soldering skills on removing 1206 resistors. Which devices I should buy for cheap that has these kind of resistor size?

At yard and garage sales look for high tech electronic devices made in the late 1990s and early 2000s to find the largest number of 1206 sized components on the PCBs. IME, by the end of the 2000s, 0805 sized parts were becoming the most common replaced by 0603s in the 2010s.

Hello freeland90

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes yard sales are a great option.

If you need the tools to do it, a Tweezer style (click here) or a Hot Air style may be what you need. Please review datasheets before ordering.

Thank you. Yes, I’m going to need these two. However, there seem to be many options and I don’t have a preference. Would you please recommend the best Tweezer and hot air style for the following application: Unlock FULL POWER of your Bitmain Asics S19 for only 0.03 cents!!! S19 power-supply mod 7000w + - YouTube

Please find the time to quickly go through the video, I’d appreciate your recommendation.

Hi freeland90

Since any of the suggested tools would work, it would be based on personal preference, price, or the included accessories you’d prefer.

The thing to note is tweezer style are easier to work with when soldering or de-soldering 2-leaded chips, where the hot air style will allow for removal of BGA’s and other larger multi-lead parts.


I know that my collogues have given you some great advice already but I thought I would throw in my two cents as I ran across these earlier today and they look like they may be of use to you.


Click the image above.

I hope this is helpful!

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