Smd resistor


I would like to find out parts# of smd resistors to fix my board. Only see “100” on top of the smd resistor. Size is about 3mm x 1.2mm. Can you identify which item should I order?

Attached pics for reference.


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Based on the size I think it’s a 1206 package 0.25W resistor. Based on the 3 digit code I guess it’s 5% tolerance. For the value I’d use an ohmmeter to measure the value of the good part next to it on the PCB, I’m guessing it will turn out to be 10 or 100 ohm.

Based on the burn marks leading to the power transistor I’m guessing the burnt resistor was caused by a power transistor failure. So don’t be surprised if you replace the resistor and the new one burns out soon after the power is turned on (buy spares when you order).

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Thanks Paul for the quick response.
It is 10 ohms after measuring. There are many 1206 when I search at digikey site. Sorry I’m new in electronics components. Would you mind to direct me the digi-key part number?

Hi Guys, you can check out link below for options in the 10 ohm 1206 5% 1/4w.

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A 10ohm , 1/4watt 1206 , 5% chip resistor to look at is Vishay Dale part number CRCW120610R0JNEA or Digi-Key part number 541-10ECT-ND. For the web link click here

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Thanks very much folks!

Hi permission52,

Is it correct to assume that the circuit that you are fixing is a sort of audio amplifier (two channels and a common sub-woofer channel)? Is the IC (the 23-pin device attached to the heatsink) possibly TDA8569 or similar?

Probably one of the half-bridges of the sub-woofer channel amplifier has got damaged. When a signal is output, the half-bridges are then not in opposite phase, causing the resistor burden. There is a chance that you’ll need to replace the amplifier part as well.

Hope this helps,
Heke, AsamaLab