Help identifying component

This is a 0m50 resistor. I can’t find many details on it. Is there another part number to order this by? I need to replace it because it came off (must not have been soldered well). And any idea where to order this?

Hi gamastrob,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. Can you tell us the dimensions for that part? That might help in identifying it.

Hello David, I am at work now but when I get home I will measure where the part fit and get back to you. Thanks!

Sounds good. “0m50” means 0.50 milli Ohms, which is equivalent to 500 micro Ohms. Based on the likely range of dimensions I would expect that yours could be, here’s a link to a short list of options. If you don’t see something in this list which would fit, then we’ll go from there.

Thanks David. The device looks to be about 6mm x 3mm. I will check out the link you supplied. Thank you for the help.

Based on your dimensions, I would lean toward the VSML2512S5-0M50F, as it fits the dimension, and of those that look similar, it has the highest power rating, which means it’s the least likely to be damaged by excessive power.

Thank you David. I will give it a try. I appreciate the help with this. Have a good day.