Need to know SMD resistor value

Hi guys,
I need to know the value of the attached SMD resistor in 0603 package. It got broken by accident and I found only two pieces of the whole SMD resistor. I’ve been looking for it through internet and I’ve found different values for the same marking code: some read 15.4 Kohms and other 19 ohms. That’s why I urgently need help and all advice about it are welcomed. Thanks.

Hello, what are the markings? I cannot see them for sure.

If I’m following Stackpole’s marking pattern for a part with 019C that is going to be a value of 15.4k Ohms.

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I’m pleased you gave me that value. I also found that for that marking the 0 at the begining doesn’t count so it makes 19C which corresponds to 15.4 Kohms. I know that it’s not a good picture at all, but I got to find two of the three pieces of the whole SMD resistor. I made some adjustments on the new attached photo to get a better identification. Thanks for your quick help.
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