Looking for R590 smd resistor. But I don’t know much about this as I can’t find any info online. Please help find a suitable one for me
Usage for
(Jbl 2.1 wireless subwoofer power supply board)
Estimate size is 16 32

Hi henryckh511,

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That is a 590mOhm resistor (0.590 Ohms) and likely 1% tolerance. It looks to be roughly 3mm long, so probably a 1206 package (or 3216 metric). Unfortunately, we are currently out of stock on that value and size.

If you can’t find such a part anywhere and you need something right away, the closest parts we have in stock are 600mOhm 1206 resistors, which are about 1.7% higher in value than your part. Depending on the circuit, this may or may not be too far from the 590mOhm value you currently have - that would be up to you to determine. Here are those parts:

13-PE1206FRF470R6LCT-ND 600mOhm ±1% ±100ppm/°C, 1 Watt, 1206, metal film resistor

283-MFLA1206R6000FSCT-ND 600mOhm ±1% ±200ppm/°C, 1/2 Watt, 1206, metal film resistor

The first is more expensive, but it can handle twice the power and has a tighter temperature coefficient (the maximum change in value per °C, given in ppm (one part per million (ppm) = 0.0001%)) than the other.

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To have that much visible overheating damage on those resistors, I’d bet there is a dead power device in the circuit that likely caused the resistor damage.

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