What is a RM/10-202B 2K smd resistor

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Could someone please help…Ive got a Rockford Fosgate Punch 500…older one

And i had a surface mount resistor missing…its labled on the schematic as:

**RM/10-202B 2K…I get the 2 K part…but ive searched every combo of the schematic writing…and really didnt find anything…its Not a variable resistor **…Any help would be greatly appreciated
Its R201 & R101 right off the rca input?
The Schematic must be labeled wrong, because similar labeled resistors have 2002 printed on them…20K…not 2K??..am i correct?
IM SORRY TO ANYONE WHO HAS TRIED TO FOLLOW ALL MY EDITS…You must be thinking…NOT BRINGING my amps to him for repair… Im basically a TUBE GUITAR AMP SPECIALIST. I had a real stupid moment…Im missing R10-…But not 201…Sorry for the stupidity…the R201 is simply labeled 202…so the schematic is correct…but what is the wattage…Im thinking, this is were the input from the Automative Receiver…some can juice out 200W’s…Am i just too tired to run the numbers…So the 1/4W resistor doesn’t make sense to me

Heres the left input…same as the right


Craig Robichaud
Jacob Custom Amplification

This doesn’t strike me as a power circuit - more like the input to an amp. If so, it’s probably not a high wattage. Looking at the schematic, several others are labeled as RM/10. If they are still there, I would match their size and go with that. The footprint would also be a pretty good indicator of size.

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I’d second Dave’s interpretation of this being a signal-level application with power rating likely not a high concern. Measure device footprint size and pick one to match. I’d suggest an automotive-rated thin-film type.

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Its the surface mount resistor to the RCA input of a Rockford Fosgate power a2…older one

Maybe you can help me with this resistor, I know its a 0.1 ohm…but I can only find small casing resistors…does it really matter…is it just large because its an older unit?

Products of that sort are known as through-hole resistors. Short list to pick from to replace those pictured is here.

They’re larger in order to dissipate higher quantities of power, which does indeed matter.

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Thank you!!

How can i tell the wattage?
And i cant find one with the original dimensions…approx 5 mm wide and 17 long?

Depending on material type, year of manufacture, and the specific manufacturer, that size could be anywhere from 2 to 5 watts. I’d feel safe simply putting in a 5 watt device and then running the system at full power for a while while checking the resistors temperature.

Based on your photo, this 5W resistor seems close enough in size to fit the PCB: