Alternatives for Simpson VOM Resistors

Hi, I have a couple of older Simpson 260 VOMs that I’m refurbing and each has some blown resistors that I’m looking to replace. I know the Simpson part numbers but have had a challenging time finding replacements or suitable alternatives. All the resistors are 1W and 1% tolerance wire-wound resistors.

Here are the Simpson part numbers:

1-113425 → 5 kOhm Resistor → R29 on Series 4 260
1-115767 → 3.75 MOhm resistor → R9 on Series 5 260
1-115763 → 15 MOhm resistor → R15 on Series 5 260

I have tracked down the NSN numbers as well, but I can’t find places where I can buy small quantities.

Thank you for any suggestions

Hello, Andy. Welcome to TechForum.

I’ve got a few options in 5k, 3.74M, and 15M for you to check out here: Unfortunately we don’t have anything but 5k available in wirewound of these three values, WW resistors are unfortunately becoming something of a specialty/vintage product at the small circuit level. Might these be a place to start for your refurbishing efforts?

Thank you! I’m not dead set on WW. I just know that’s the type I’m replacing. I think metal film more than likely would be just fine as a replacement, so I’m not stuck on WW.

Excellent, you’re welcome. Unfortunately I just realized I forgot to set the wattage on that link above, so there’s parts below a watt in it. Fixed link here:

Unfortunately, cutting out anything below 1W meant losing the 3.74M parts. Sorry Andy, we may not have any ready replacements for those at this time.

I really appreciate the help! I’m going to go with the 1/2W 3.74. I suspect it will be fine…I was going by the Simpson specs that were calling for a 1W resistor.