Replacement for Current Sense Resistor


I have an inverter circuit board that uses Vitrohm RWN502FK-13-R05AA Current Sense Resistors, and need to replace one that blew out. Unfortunately it seems there’s no stock, so I’m looking for suggestions on a direct replacement.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Maxx,

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Unfortunately, I am unable to locate a suitable direct replacement that is in stock:

  • surface mount 5 x 12 mm
  • 2.2W
  • wirewound (noninductive)
  • 50 mΩ

Neither are there solutions if we relax the size constraints, although this is not recommend for reliability.

The part may be available from other suppliers.

We appreciate your attention. Please, do not hesitate to use this forum in the future.

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Hi Maxx,
I was also unsuccessful in finding a replacement to offer for this.

Thank you for checking. I noted it is a bit of a unique current sense resistor. I have found stock in the UK from Newark. I suspect it is discontinued or custom ordered by the board manufacturer.

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