I would need to replace a resistor that is showed in the picture. I think that it is a Vishay resistor. Could not find a similar one on digikey.

This is a vitreous wirewound resistor, and you are correct that it is Vishay. I was not able to find it in a 51 ohm flavor, but I did find a 47 ohm and a 100 ohm, both at 10%.
47ohm - RW3010274709KLX000
100ohm - RW3010271000KLX000

Good luck to you.

You can read more about these resistors here.


I found the below link of options that are in-stock that have similar specifications to your original.

Also data-sheet for the original RW item.

Thanks ill have to check those out.

Thank you. Those will most likely work for me.