Help: To find a Flameproof Metal Film Resistor

Help me, please.
I tried to find the
Flameproof Metal Film Resistor
0.125W 1 kOhm (5%)
200 V
Operating Temperature: -50 to 200 C
Axial Type
Any famous company product. Prefer: Russia, Singapore, China Product
Not yet found after spending the whole day.
SOS. :pray: :pray: :pray:

please check these alternatives from stock:|53%2C5|347592%2C5|347604%2C5|347609%2C1989|0%2Cmu1+kOhms|2085&quantity=&ColumnSort=0&page=1&stock=1&nstock=1&datasheet=1&photo=1&pageSize=25
These are all 1 kOhms ±1% 0.125W, 1/8W Metal Film Flame Retardant with better Tolerance but -65°C to 175°C Axial Types.

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Thank you.
It helps.