Getting Started, Microsemi's SoftConsole IDE v3.4


Hello Tech Forum,

I am currently using Microsemi’s Libero SoC v11.4 and Microsemi’s SoftConsole IDE v3.4. I am new to these tools I have used Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio for TI DSP’s in the past so I do have experience but not for the Microsemi tools. Can you please answer the following questions for me?

  1. It is my current understanding that Libero when installed comes with SoftConsole but the differences are Libero is more for VHDL and SoftConsole is more for C/C++ is that correct?

  2. I purchased the Digi-Key P/N 1100-1288-ND. This is a Microsemi SmartFusion2 Maker-Board P/N M2S010-MKR-KIT.

a.) Do you have a tutorial with an example project for SoftConsole for C programmming code that will walk me through entire process of building, knowing how to launch so I don’t get launch window errors, and then run for a very simple project c code of simply blinking one of two leds at a time or something similar to just get me started (currently the board when powered up all LED’s blink on and off continuously but I want to do a few so that I can actually see that my project was successful)?

b.) Can you please tell me exactly where physically my .c files and .h files need to be located with respect to each other and hopefully the tutorial will state how to open project and attach all the files to the project and make sure they are located in correct folder so project will see it?

  1. Do you have an example project that will accomplish the same thing in Libero for VHDL code as above items 2, 2a, and 2b?

After you have provided to me recommendations, can you please send an email to me so that I will know to look at your answers to my posting as my email is ""?

Note: Please understand I am looking for a basic support to just get me up an running familiar with the tools then in the future I will be creating specific application projects.

Tom Walker
email = thomasjwalker27@gmailcom


Hi Tom,

You are correct that Libero is the FPGA/hardware development tool and SoftConsole is the software development tool.

The article linked below should cover most of the things you need to get started with Libero, SoftConsole, and the Maker Board. It contains code for blinking LEDs, using UARTs, and I2C. The example combines this all in FreeRTOS, but you don’t have to use that. The Microsemi libraries are the same either way.



Thank you so much. You are very helpful!

Tom Walker