Getting started with TI IWR1641 mmWave Sensor

Product: IWR1642
Operating System: Raspberry pi

Steps executed from the below link

I am using the below-mentioned steps to execute the Out Of Box Demo with the IWR1642 radar. I have modified the code for storing the detection of objects and plotting the results in the output. On executing the code with the raspberry pi. I have made some observations. Requesting someone to kindly resolve the issue.

  1. How to pass the advance frame config into the python code. As mentioned in the below code under in the run_demo method
if reconfig:
        print("Sending configuration command...")
        interface.send_item(interface.control_tx_queue, 'advFrameCfg\n')
  1. I have also observed that none is getting printed in the output of the receive data from the radar
def recv_item(rx_q):
        # Fetch one line or frame from the rx buffer
        return rx_q.get() if not rx_q.empty() else None

This is not arduino compatible. only Raspberry Pi, right?

I was unable to get a definitive answer on this. I have reached out to my colleagues for help in answering. I will let you know as soon as I hear back.